Castor Oil and Its Benefits

Castor Oil and Its Benefits

You must have heard about castor oil being used in various beauty treatments. It works wonders when it comes to softening skin and hair, and keeping them moisturized. Uses also include being one of the best natural skin emollients.

What is castor oil?

It is derived from the plant Ricinus communis, also called the castor oil plant. Castor beans get pressed into a versatile, pale-yellow vegetable oil with a very distinct flavor and smell. As mentioned, it has immense moisturizing benefits, so it can soften flaky skin and infuse life into it. It can also provide a barrier on the skin and protect against moisture loss. For hair, it acts as a lubricant, coating and conditioning strands to improve smoothness and shine. To put it in a nutshell, you must add it to your beauty regimen immediately.

What are the benefits of castor oil for hair and skin?

Hydrates hair strands

Castor oil helps to lock in moisture and other natural oils in the hair – it seals them into the strands.  It is rich in essential amino acid – ricinoleic acid – which is a natural emollient for the hair. It is also packed with omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that replenish the hair with moisture. Regular application of castor oil on the hair ensures nourishment in the most natural way and an effective way to boost hydration levels.

Rich in vitamin E

Castor oil is rich in vitamin E, as well as fatty acids, which are some of the vital ingredients to hair health. These make the hair shiny, strong and encourage healthy hair growth. It also protects hair by preventing free radicals in the environment from causing damage that can lead to eroding hair quality and strength. It aids in protein synthesis so your hair has normal growth and resting cycle. Regularly applying castor oil to the hair not only ensures that you have stronger hair strands due to vitamin E but also prevents excessive hair loss.

Loaded with antibacterial and antifungal properties

When your scalp isn’t properly looked after, fungus and dryness starts to form after a while. It leads to dandruff and flaky scalp that continues to worsen with neglect. That is why scalp hygiene and nourishment is all the more important – you need to establish a proper hair care routine and maintain consistency. The application of castor oil to the scalp ensures that you inhibit and arrest the growth of several bacterial and fungal infections that may plague scalp health. Thus, it is one of the easiest and best ways to keep the hair free of infection.

Heals chapped lips

Castor oil is one of the strongest ingredients to heal chapped lips because it contains vitamin E, antioxidants and minerals, which are responsible for soothing skin.

Nourishes dry skin

If you suffer from overly dry skin, it could become even more dull and lifeless, if you don’t do anything about it. Castor oil has exfoliating qualities that can be used to remedy scaly underfoot, dry palms, and dry skin. Experts say that castor oil is also beneficial for those suffering with a skin ailment called Atopic Dermatitis, a dry skin disease which takes a toll on your skin due to climate change and increase in pollution.

Smoothes hair free from frizz

Did you know that castor oil is one of the best hair softeners and natural conditioners available? It has emollient properties, so it can wonderfully heal dry, damaged, and frizzy hair, while making it smooth and soft. It has amounts of oleic and linoleic acids and can restore normalcy to hair that has been damaged due to stress, pollution, lifestyle or lack of proper care. If you use castor oil regularly, your hair is less prone to split ends. Just applying it at the ends of your hair every night before you sleep is enough to prevent dry and damaged ends. It can repair brittle hair susceptible to breakage, thus enhancing overall health and texture of your hair.

Balances pH levels in scalp

Castor oil has a thick texture, which makes it convenient for penetrating into the scalp. The essential fatty acids present in it guarantee the pH balance of the scalp is perfectly maintained. This is vital so the occurrence of dandruff and flakiness is avoided. Proper pH balance also boosts blood circulation under the scalp, ensuring healthy, balanced skin.

Enhances hair follicle health

Your scalp is the skin on your head, and the base for your hair follicles, so how well you nourish it, has a direct impact on your hair follicle health. Dead hair follicles form on the scalp if your hair doesn’t get enough hydration and nutrition, which could hinder hair growth while promoting hair loss. Oiling the hair with castor oil regularly is a must – you can’t skip out on this routine. If you have dry scalp, do this every alternate day, and see a host of benefits. Those with oily scalps can get it done once or twice a week. Massaging the scalp with castor oil can also increase blood circulation, and boost hair growth from within, while simultaneously hydrating and nourishing the scalp. Don’t forget to coat the strands generously so it takes care of split ends and dryness.

Reduces appearance of wrinkles

If you have noticed wrinkles and fine lines, rest assured that castor oil can effectively treat this troubling issue. It improves production of collagen, which helps to firm the skin. It is rejuvenated, so it becomes softer and smoother than before, thus giving a youthful look. For best results, apply a small amount of castor oil over the wrinkled area and leave on overnight.

Clears acne

Applying castor oil on your skin helps restore the skin’s natural moisture balance that can lead to the reduction of acne. Apply castor oil gently on your face and massage in circular motions, leave on overnight and wash off in the morning.

Now that you know that castor oil has so many benefits for your skin and hair, go ahead and find out how you can structure a beauty routine which includes this component that fits your schedule and convenience.

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